Monte Carlo: Stolen identities, secrets and of course designer ball gowns

When he’s a 10, but your relationship is built on a lie -Keira Von Kutch

Monte Carlo (2011)

Summary of the film: Best friends Grace [Selena Gomez] and Emma [Katie Cassidy] quit their waitress jobs in small-town Texas and head off to the city of lights for a summer adventure. Accompanied by Grace’s stepsister, Meg [Leighton Meester], these girls are ready to take Paris by storm. But when Grace is mistaken for a British Socialite named Cordelia, the trio is jetted off to Monte Carlo for a week of yacht parties and cute bachelors. Let’s just hope their lies remain buried and the real Cordelia doesn’t end up in Monte Carlo.

My rating: 8.6

level of emotions [1-9]: 4, booking a trip to Paris as we speak; hopefully I might be mistaken for a British socialite and jetted off to Monte Carlo

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

Good: loved the plot, Selena’s acting, and Meg’s love story in this

Bad: the exposition to this movie was a little slow and quite a drag

Ugly: lack of direction at points of the film

Favorite Outfits:

Lack of good morals but an abundance of Marc Jacobs tweed blazers
Emma’s yellow gown, muah
An Oscar de la Renta ball gown with… cowboy boots? Talk about southern charm

Favorite Quotes:

*I’m stealing this line*

[talking about how pretending to be Cordelia got them an upgrade]

Emma: “This is all paid for, you never leave when it’s paid for.”

*How iconic*

Emma: “Let me tell you something about shoes, if they ain’t hurtin’, they ain’t helpin’.”

*Aww, that’s sad*

[regarding the fact that Theo thinks she is Cordelia, a British socialite, not Grace, a poor waiter from Texas]

Grace: “I finally find a boy who likes me for me… And I’m not even me.”

Would I recommend:

[Yay/Nay]: YAY

Perfect for: Looking to escape the stress of your day-to-day

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